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Genealogy, also known as heritage, is one of the most popular scrapbooking themes. Use the free links below to put your genealogy heritage scrapbook together.

Free Heritage Scrapbooking Graphics Sets
5 nice layouts complete with graphics to use in heritage scrapbooking.

5 of the best free goodies for genealogy
From software to clip art, databases to e-mail service, research forms to a home for your web site, here's how to get what you don't pay for.

Heritage Scrapbooking
Create a Family Heritage scrapbook with or without old family photos! Heritage scrapbooks contain multi-generational family photographs, mementos, and information about the family history, culture, and traditions of one's ancestors.

Photos, Scrapbooking & Family Memorabilia
Learn how to date old family photographs, preserve treasured photos and documents and create wonderful heritage scrapbooks.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy sites on the Internet
More than 248,900 links to genealogy sites - everything you ever wanted to know or find out about genealogy is listed here!
Making an heirloom family record--and having fun doing it.

Heritage Scrapbooking
Learn how to create wonderful heritage scrapbooks.

Heritage Scrapbooking
How to begin and get organized for your heritage scrapbook.

A box of family recipes was handed down from a mother to daughter, and again to a granddaughter. Wondering how the brittle old cards could be preserved as a family keepsake, it was decided to copy them and add them to a heritage scrapbook page.

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